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AFL-CIO Endorses Candidates

Some Dallas AFL-CIO Executive Board members posed with the giant rat that was to be used the next day by the Communications Workers

The Dallas Central Labor Council generally meets at 7:30 PM each third Thursday. All members of affiliated unions are welcomed. The February 14 Executive Board meeting had to share the room with a giant inflatable rat that Communications Workers Local 6215 was planing to use for a public action the next day. Some of the main business was reviewing the candidates for the March 4 primary. Three new endorsees were added to those already listed. The complete list is below.

Financial Secretary Treasurer Jim McCasland, the principal officer, announced that the annual Golf Tournament would take place on October 2. All members were encouraged to participate in politics, and to wear their union colors when they do. The labor federation continues its dedication to health care reform. Public activities are expected in April.

Prior to the meeting, former Firefighter Ken Bailey presented a precinct delegate training in the CWA hall. It was packed.


Union leaders interview candidates and investigate their backgrounds and voting records that are relevant to working people's concerns. Then, they make recommendations that union members may follow if they so choose. The AFL-CIO had not endorsed a presidential candidate as of February 6, 2008, although some of the national union leaders had expressed their preferences.

Texas AFL-CIO COPE Endorsements:

(List includes contested local primaries only; Contest is not included if no endorsement has occurred)

U.S. Senate - Rick Noriega
Texas Supreme Court, Chief Justice - Jim Jordan
Texas Supreme Court, Place 7 - Sam Houston
Texas Supreme Court, Place 8 - Susan Criss & Linda Yañez (Dual Endorsement) Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3 - Susan Strawn
Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4 - J.R. Molina
Chair, Democratic Party of Texas - Boyd Richie

U.S. House
District 10 - Dan Grant
District 16 - U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes

Texas Senate
District 11 - Joe Jaworski
District 21 - Sen. Judith Zaffirini

Texas House
District 27 - Rep. Dora Olivo
District 36 - Rep. Kino Flores
District 37 - Rep. Rene Oliveira
District 40 - Rep. Aaron Peña
District 43 - Rep. Juan Escobar
District 46 - Rep. Dawnna Dukes
District 77 - Rep. Paul Moreno
District 104 - Rep. Roberto Alonzo
District 140 - Rep. Kevin Bailey
District 145 - Carol Alvarado
District 146 - Rep. Borris Miles
District 147 - Rep. Garnet Coleman
District 148 - Rep. Jessica Farrar

Dallas County

Listed below are the Dallas County candidates endorsed for the 2008 Primaries. More endorsements may come later. Of these candidates Don Adams, Eric V. Moye, Lupe Valdez and Roberto Alonzo have opponents.

Don Adams - Criminal District Judge, Court 2

Roberto Alonzo - State Representative District 104

Rafael Anchia - State Representative District 103

Jaime Cortez - Constable, Precinct No. 5

John Creuzot - Criminal Districtcourt No. 4

Yvonne Davis - State Representative District 111

Darlene Ewing - Chair, Dallas County Democratic Party

Helen Giddings - State Representative District 109

Terri Hodge - State Representative District 100

Eddie Bernice Johnson - US House 30th Congressional District

Diana L. Lackey - County Tax Assessor-Collector

Barbara Mallory-Caraway - State Representative District 110

Ken Molberg - District Judge, 95th Judicial District

Eric V. Moye' - District Judge, 14th Judicial District

John Wiley Price - County Commissioner, District 3

Lorraine Raggio - District Judge, 162nd Judicial District

Lupe Valdez - Sheriff

Allen Vaught - State Representative District 107

Royce West - Texas Senate District 23

Dallas County AFL-CIO may be reached at 214-826-4808


Rod Tanner (D) Tarrant County Democratic Chair
Warren H. Gould (D) 67 th Judicial Dist. Judge
Randy Turner (D) 17 th District Court Judge
Louis Sturns 213 th District Court Judge
R. Maureen Tolbert (D) Tarrant County Judge
Charles "Chuck" Randolph (D) State Rep. Dist. 61
Chris Utchell (D) State Rep. Dist. 91
Marc Veasey (D) State Rep. Dist. 95
Jesus Carrillo (D) State Rep. Dist 63
Chris Turner (D) State Rep. Dist. 96
Paula Hightower-Pierson (D) State Rep. Dist. 93
Dan Barrett (D) State Rep. Dist. 97
Tracey Smith (D) U.S. Congress Dist. 12
Tom Love (D) U.S. Congress Dist. 24
Steve Bush (D) U.S. Congress Dist. 6
Gerald Hartley (D) Wise County D.A.
Kyle Dubberke (D) SDEC - Dist. 10

Tarrant County AFL-CIO may be reached at 817-284-1461

Other Central Labor County organizations have endorsed local candidates, but the information has not reached me.

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