Don’t Just Lament:

DO Something About the Jobs Crisis!

Please attend a public press conference in Lee Park, 3301 Turtle Creek Boulevard, at 3 PM on Friday, February 5, the same day that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals the latest grim unemployment figures. Reverend Ed Middleton and supporters will issue a call to all North Texans to take action against the greatest disaster facing Americans today – long term unemployment!


GEneral Lee's home in DallasLee Park is an almost perfect example of how government could resolve the jobs crisis by taking immediate action. The entire park, including the replica of General Lee’s home, was a project of a government-run jobs program: the Works Progress Administration!

Disgracefully high unemployment is projected by virtually all economists to drag on for several more years. By the time “normal” unemployment is anticipated, the business cycle will almost certainly have suffered another crushing downturn.

The only honest solution to the jobs crisis is immediate government action.

The Jobs Bill that squeaked through the House of Representatives in January would hardly dent the crisis, even if it were miraculously able to pass the obstructionists in the Senate, who have already halved its amount! Our demand, along with the entire labor movement and progressive organizations across the nation, has five basic points that are fully explained on the new coalition’s web site..

North Texas Jobs with Justice and its Workers Rights Board is taking on the fight against America’s jobs crisis. We are signing up unemployed/underemployed people and everyone who supports their rights. We are holding hearings and public actions. Our next Workers Rights Board public hearing on the jobs crisis is already set for 2 PM on Friday February 12, at Judge Sepulveda’s Courtroom, 415 S Beckley in Dallas. On June 22, we will be marching with nationwide forces in Detroit.

An economy that is not providing for its families is not in recovery. A “jobless recovery” is no recovery at all!