No Time for Talking

We won't be able to hold our regular 2nd Wednesday planning session because there's action to be done.

Stand with striking workers

Communications Workers (CWA) and Electrical Workers (IBEW) are standing up to Verizon with a giant strike. Join in the nationwide fightback.
Take action now!

Get ready for Labor Day

As we lead up to Labor Day, Jobs with Justice is looking for opportunities to speak to worship services about the importance of workers. We're hoping to inspire everyone to mention workers in their own worship services as well. Contact us about the "Labor in the Pulpit" program.
The Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast will start at 9:00 AM Sept 5 at the Dallas Infomart. Register at If you want to go but cannot afford the $25 ticket, contact us. Jobs with Justice wants all union supporters to come.
We will join nationwide actions whenever the new unemployment figures come out. That's usually the First Friday.

Listen to The Beat!

I'm still broadcasting on KNON radio, 89.,3 FM every Monday drivetime 7 to 8 AM. It's one of only three radio shows devoted to working people in the entire south. I have to raise $1,000 and only have about $200 so far. If you think it's worthwhile having a progressive pro-worker talk show on the air, donate at and put "Workers Beat" as your "favorite program."  They also take checks marked "Workers Beat" at Box 710909
Dallas TX 75371.
Upcoming programs are on how ALEC channels $millions$ into union busting and on why certain politicians are hell-bent on not funding the Federal Aviation Administration safety people.
love & solidarity