Rally Held for Immigrant Rights

The League of United Latin American Citizens (despite its name) is apparently leading an effort to create a grand coalition of all the disparate immigrants rights and Latino rights organizations around the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex. They held a good rally during Martin Luther King weekend. We gathered at Dallas City Hall at 2 PM on January 17. I counted 94 people as the rally started.

immigrants rallyIf every speaker represents a different organization, then the new coalition promises to be very broad, for there were a great many speakers. They even called on me to speak very briefly for Jobs with Justice. I told them that we remain committed to immigrants rights because we are for the unity of all working people to stand together for justice.

Margarita Alvarez, a leader of the immigrants rights movement and a Jobs with Justice activist, gathered signatures on our new petitions for a full program to fight the jobs crisis.

--Gene Lantz



Juan Gomez supplied photos