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Riegers Return: Come to the May 14 Meeting!

Welcome Joerg and Rosemarie Rieger back from Europe and South Africa. Joerg and Rosemarie will answer your questions at the regular Jobs with Justice monthly meeting at 7 PM on Wednesday, May 14, at Oak Cliff Methodist, 547 E Jefferson in Dallas. Entrance in Rear.

Also hear reports on thrilling developments in the workers’ movement from the National Jobs with Justice conference in Providence, Rhode Island last weekend. We continue to grow in our ability to help organized labor, but the entire organization has taken on the oganization of low-wage workers who don’t fit into traditional unions. Domestic workers, independent taxi drivers, day laborers, security guards, former prisoners, mobile home owners, immigrants, international organizations, and other hard-to-organize groups now look to Jobs with Justice for help. They get it, too! Check our web site,

There are now over 140 non-traditional workers centers in America . The national AFL-CIO is encouraging them and working with them. North Texas clearly needs one and our chapter of Jobs with Justice is capable of creating it. Study up at Come to the meeting prepared to talk about forming a workers’ center here.

National is asking religious leaders to help with labor problems at Comcast cable TV company. They need responses right away. Refer to “This is Comcast: Silencing Our Voice at Work,” on, or call Rosalind Spigel at 215-587-6822 with any questions or concerns.

Ironworkers Local 807, a local created specifically for organizing, has joined our chapter and wants to talk about strengthening all our efforts. They continue to work on defending the right of union people to leaflet the public, which has been endangered by a recent Dallas ordinance.

Brother Kenneth Stretcher is working hard on the Living Wage issue. Marc Jacobson of Texas Fair Trade called a meeting against sweatshops at 7 PM 5/30/08 at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 901 Zang in Dallas. We’ll update this work, and other work, at the Wednesday meeting. Please join us.

Love & solidarity


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