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Jobs With Justice Will Investigate Immigrant Working Conditions

At our February and March meetings, Jobs with Justice activists decided to throw ourselves into the fight for immigrants' rights. The reasons are simple: anti-labor forces in America are attempting to divide and weaken us with a racist campaign against our undocumented brothers and sisters. They have seen the brilliant successes of union organizing drives among these oppressed workers, and they are hoping to smash it.

Our approach is designed to bring mainstream labor, church, community, and civil rights activists together in the battle. We will fight lies with truth. Jobs with Justice will conduct a series of open inquiries into working conditions for immigrants. As of this writing, State Representative Roberto Alonzo and Professor Jeorg Rieger of SMU have agreed to serve on an all-star panel that will hear evidence and testimony concerning the real situation of our immigrant friends. Here are the details for the first one:

4-6 PM Saturday, April 1

Oak Cliff Methodist Church

528 East Jefferson, Dallas

Parking and entrance in rear

More panelists have been invited but have not yet responded. All activists are called upon to help with this important series. It cannot be expected that the immigrants themselves will be able to fully defend their rights, as politicians care little for non-voters.

After Jobs with Justice made our decision and began petitioning for fairness, we learned that we had boarded a fast-moving train. The Dallas Area Interfaith, the leading umbrella organization of religious groups in North Texas, had already scheduled a press conference favoring fair legislation in Congress. Click here for an account. We joined that press conference with our own Jobs with Justice statement. The statements of religious leaders were inspiring, particularly that of Lutheran Bishop Kevin S. Kanouse.

All over the nation, tens of thousands of people had already decided to march. In Dallas on March 25, at least 5,000 Latinos marched and rallied at City Hall. Jobs with Justice activist Margarita Alvarez was one of the main organizers and speakers. For an account and photos, click here.

For updates about the situation in Congress, check the Catholic web site:

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