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A Little Help, Please

It happens often that North Texas is visited by organizers needing local help. Activists here, realizing that we are nothing if we are not part of a national movement, hurry to oblige.

Recently, a field organizer for the American Postal Workers Union, Greg Poferl, visited North Texas to help get an important contract for APWU members. The people he talked to were quick to add their endorsements to the campaign. Greg also made a short verbal appeal to be played on KNON radio's "Workers Beat" program 8-9 AM Wednesday, August 31.

Sometimes, contract battles last for years. This page will attempt to stay in touch.



Also visiting recently were Lesley Ramsey and Elizabeth Block. They held a fund-raiser at the Nodding Dog Coffee shop in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff. Through the long and unfinished fight against unfair trade agreements, "gobblelization," the Texas Fair Trade Watch group has been a main source of information and of organizing lobbying campaigns. Lesley has spoken at many of our North Texas union halls, and she spoke to the Texas AFL-CIO convention.


Elizabeth (pictured) is a new intern, formerly of Dallas.






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