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Should We Rest Now?

Should we sit back and rest, now? Or should we meet with other activists at the monthly second-Tuesday Nov 15 6:30 PM Jobs with Justice meeting at the UNITE-HERE headquarters and map out our next actions?

Should we push forward on progressive legislation that has been obstructed for years, such as the Employee Free Choice Act or increasing the minimum wage? What about changing the so-called "trade" laws?

Should Jobs with Justice carry out an event marking the December 10th International Human Rights Day?

Should we march for the 17th time in the January Martin Luther King parade?

Please come to the meeting Tuesday, November 14, at the UNITE-HERE headquarters,

2639 Walnut Hill#203
Dallas, TX 75229

coming up!

Nov 13: 5 PM Rally for immigrants' rights in Farmers' Branch. Below from an E-Mail from Diana Flores:

Anti-immigrant fervor continues in Farmers Branch, unfortunately. Individuals are stepping forward to say "NO" to the anti-immigrant initiatives that are labeled by many as anti-American, anti-family, and anti-Christian.

The Farmers Branch City Council will meet to continue exploring what anti-immigrant ordinances they can enact. The call is being put out for all who oppose extreme measures against immigrant communities to come "Support American Values in Farmers Branch."

The pro-immigrant rally will be held as follows:

Monday, Nov. 13th, 5:00 p.m.
Farmers Branch City Hall
13000 Wm Dodson Parkway
Farmers Branch, TX 75234

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Villafranca, 214/679-8914.

Nov 15: 11:30 AM Greyhound workers rally at Commerce & Lamar in downtown Dallas

Nov 15: Nationwide "flyering" at Texaco stations in support of Houston Janitor's strike. Below comes from

Chevron controls the most office space in Houston, where many of these janitors work. But for the oil giant, it's profits over people. While Ercilia Sandoval and her coworkers are scrubbing Chevron toilets in Houston for $20 a day, Chevron's too busy playing with its $14 billion profits to care. Ercilia, a mother of two, is dying of cancer and has no health benefits to make treatment possible. Chevron hopes you don't find out.

Join the National Day of Action on Nov. 15 at Chevron/Texaco gas stations. SEIU members and community activists will rally to let customers, residents, and station managers know that Chevron has the power to make a difference.

Nov 16 : (third Thursday) Dallas AFL-CIO meeting for affiliated union members at 7:30 PM

And on it goes....

love & solidarity


Right to the night before the election, North Texans pushed hard for new directions in America. The photo below came from a protest at Reunion Arena Nov 6:

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