Ready for the fight of your life?

After the corporations outspent unions 22:1 last November, their politicians have begun plans to cut millions of teacher and other public worker jobs. The “soften up” campaign of ugly propaganda against unions has already begun. Meanwhile, they have absolutely no plans for public-works projects to relieve the awesome underemployment, which remains at 26 million despite a slight dip in the “official” unemployment rate. The “official” drop came only because millions of unemployed Americans have given up!

After handing out billions in additional tax revenues to the wealthy, they say, “There’s no money!” We say,

"Protect and extend public employment!"

North Texas Jobs with Justice will fight back. We’ll be marching, picketing, boycotting, and pushing the issues “by any means necessary!”

Please join us!

Planning meeting 7 PM Wednesday, January 12 at 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie

We conduct our annual fund drive every January.

The steering committee consists of the represented organizations plus one for individuals.

Also coming up:

Martin Luther King birthday activities January 12-17. Let’s participate fully!

ULU Local 100 training session 10:00AM 5200 E. Grand, Suite 550, Dallas, 75223, RSVP to 214-823-2001

The Workers Defense Project plans a march in Austin in mid-March.

Reverend Ed Middleton  needs to know who is interested in going.

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