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Not All Unionists Work inside Factories

UAW Local 317 is unique among North Texas unions. Its members are white-collar workers at Bell Helicopter in Hurst. They were organized shortly after the United Auto Workers organized the production workers into UAW 218. Of the two, 218 is the larger local and owns the union hall where Local 317 rents space.

Parts of the two locals' contracts are negotiated together, but the office workers' expiration date is slightly later than that of the factory workers. Even though the kinds of work are different, the office workers give the same answer to the question, "What is your main problem these days?"


Just like virtually every UAW local, UAW 317 has a monthly retiree luncheon. Here are some of the participants at the September, 2005 meeting.








UAW 317 President Jerry Miller came to the retiree luncheon. He agreed to a short interview to be played on KNON radio's "Workers Beat" program at 8 AM Wednesday, October 5. KNON is at 89.3 FM, or www.knon.org



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