The Best Thing We Can Do Is March on November 19

The best we can do to keep the momentum going is turn out for the march Saturday, Nov 19, starting at 1 PM at Pioneer Plaza (where the steer statues are) at Griffin & Young in Dallas. It's a way to show solidarity with the big worldwide upsurge. Plus, it's for saving Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from the so-called "Super Committee" Co-Chaired by Representative Jeb Hensarling of East Dallas.

Join us at News Conference Tuesday

The Super Committee will be releasing its proposal soon. On Tuesday, Nov 22 at 11:30 AM, I will be at Mr Hensarling's office, 6510 Abrams Rd in Dallas, to deliver another batch of petitions. Assuming that his committee's proposals are done by then, we will have to declare our intentions to newspersons relative to whether or not the entire Congress should vote for it. Most experts on our side believe that no proposal would be considerably better than what they seem to be cooking up.

Everybody is invited, including retirees, their grandchildren, and everybody in between. If you have questions for Mr Hensarling, his phone number is             (214) 349-9996      .

We had an excellent protest action at Doctor's Hospital in Mr Hensarling's district Thursday evening. or for updates.

jim thompson

Jim Thompson was among the 50 protesters at Doctor's Hospital on November 17. The hospital is in Congressman Hensarling's district. Judging from the honking and "thumbs up" signs from thousands of passers by, I'd say his district wants justice from the Super Committee.

Earlier that same day, we had a pretty good bunch on the Houston Viaduct to demand jobs and repairs to the nation's infrastructure. Lots of union participation.

I'll keep you posted

On Facebook I am Gene Lantz, on twitter I'm genelantz, and I will try to keep posting whatever I can find out about the protest movement. Meanwhile, let's turn out on Saturday. For those of us who care, it's the best thing we can do.


in solidarity



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