Fight the Jobs Crisis!

In separate meetings, North Texas Jobs with Justice and our Workers Rights Board Task Force on the Jobs Crisis have been working out preliminary plans to fight the jobs crisis and advocate for the unemployed and underemployed. Meanwhile, National Jobs with Justice has joined with the AFL-CIO, NAACP and other organizations on national plans for economic justice.

Here are our local plans so far:

Continue demanding an extension of unemployment benefits and the COBRA subsidy for health insurance for layoff victims and their families

Both the House and Senate passed jobs bills along with their versions of funding for the military. Included is the extensions we have been advocating. They also plan to use some of the leftovers from the bankers' bailout to ameliorate the jobs crisis. The two bills must be combined and voted into law

Advocate, Investigate, and Seek Allies

Help by advocating for services

Organize the unemployed and underemployed

From our small start, can we really make a difference? Absolutely! Watch the video from our determined Workers Rights Board Task Force!


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