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NAACP State Conference Set in Dallas

October 6-9 is the Texas NAACP Conference at the Doubletree Hotel, 4099 Valley View Ln in Dallas. A public reception is set up for 7 PM on the evening of Thursday, October 6. Anybody can come, and President Bob Lydia says they can join the NAACP after they get there if they want. It's a good opportunity to check out the nation's oldest and most consistently successful civil rights organization.

The Dallas NAACP meets on the first Tuesday of each month at their headquarters, 4200 Fitzhugh. It is just across the street from Fair Park. This group of serious and dedicated activists provides one of the most meaningful experiences that local activists can have. Check it out and join at http://www.naacp-dallas.org or www.naacp.org.

Joe Atkins was at the October 4 meeting. In 1955, long before the Little Rock integration fight and even before the ugly race riots at Mansfield, Texas, schools, Joe applied to become the first African American student at the college in Denton now known as the University of North Texas. Joe did a short interview to be played on the "Workers' Beat" radio program, 8-9 AM each Wednesday, KNON radio, 89.3 FM or www.knon.org.

History continues to be made by brave and progressive people, and many of them attend NAACP meetings.



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