AFL-CIO Supports Health Care Bill

The scrupulous way to decide whether or not to support the current version of health care reform is to go through the bill line by line and decide how it will affect you and those you care about. The easy way is to check to see who supports it and who opposes.

President Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO has issued a strong supporting message for the current bill. He wrote, "After a lot of deliberation by our national unions, the AFL-CIO has decided to put our strong, active support behind the president's health care bill. After 60 years of fighting for health care reform, we are convinced that now is the time to say, "Yes." This health care bill is good for working families -- now and even more in the future.

'It is not a perfect bill. But we are realistic enough to know it's time for the deliberations to stop and for progress to begin..."

On the other side, Representative Pete Sessions, one of the most vicious and consistently anti-worker politicians of recent times, completely opposes the president's bill.

Progressive Americans know that there are a number of other progressive bills in the pipeline. If the obstructionists in Congress are able to stop the President on health care, they will be stronger and more capable of stopping election law reform, finance reform, and the all-important Employee Free Choice Act to restore the right to organize.

Progressives everywhere are calling for a maximum effort to get the health care bill done now.


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