This Jobs Crisis Is Not Going Away -- We Have to End It!

Please attend the Jobs with Justice meeting at 7 PM on the 2nd Wednesday, June 9, at UAW 848 hall, 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie.

It has become increasingly clear that:

At a phone conference June 4, National JwJ projected a number of important activities

“Today's challenge is jobs. Unless Congress addresses this challenge with the focus and energy they brought to rescuing our banks, not only will a generation of workers be doomed to unemployment and the recovery itself put at risk, but dealing with our long-term fiscal problem will be all the more difficult.” –Richard Trumpka, AFL-CIO President

FYI: Latest jobs info:

Analysis on the AFL-CIO page

FYI: The Great Reverend Lucius Walker of Pastors for Peace is coming to Dallas.

Hear him Monday, June 7, on KNON radio, 89.3 FM and On June 10 at 6 PM, the Dallas Peace Center hosts him at FunAsia, 2010 Beltline Rd in Richardson. Tickets – go to or call 214-823-7793

No more cuts!

FYI: “America Speaks Out” has organized a Town Hall meeting on the economic crisis for June 26 at the Dallas Convention Center.

I think it’s free, but they want people to register. I am skeptical of these things, because all economic questions have been framed into discussions on "who and what should get cut." Working Americans are dying a “death of a thousand cuts” already, so we must end all discussion of further cuts and start talking about ways to force the corporations to start paying their fair share!

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