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"Workers Beat" Program Brings Progressive Messages

Working activists know that they have very few friends in the corporate media. The "Workers Beat" program at 8 AM each Wednesday on KNON radio, 89.3 FM and, provides information in support of working people's issues. Recent guests include the striking sanitation workers in Ft Worth, the striking Steelworkers in Tyler, and (February 7) Molly Rooke of the Sierra Club.

Rooke talked about the hoopla and the facts around Governor Perry's support for the utility industry's proposal to put 18 new coal-fired plants in Texas. She talked about the pollution and the long-term effect on people's health. She invited everyone to attend the rally at the State Capitol at 3 PM Sunday, February 11. A busload is going from Dallas with a low ticket price of only $30. Callers agreed with Rooke and added their own insights and experiences. One caller pointed out that utility plants pollute water resources as well as the air.

For more on the coal plants, click here and then click here.

Every three months, KNON holds its fund drive. Even though everybody knows that working people need a voice, there hasn't been much money to finance the Workers Beat program. Anybody wishing to contribute can send a check to KNON, Box 710909, Dallas TX 75371. Mark it "Workers' Beat".

Union singer Anne Feeney is scheduled for the February 14 program, and Reverend William McElvaney will talk about the proposed Bush Library and Think Tank on February 21.

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