Reverend Stovall Calls for Health Reform!

Reverend L. Charles Stovall invites activists to St Luke's Community Center, 6211 E Grand, at 7 PM Tuesday, October 20. The event will be co-sponsored by Organizing for America. Call Reverend Stovall at 214-887-4007. Health care activities continue, almost every day, until Congress works up the nerve to stand up to the insurance companies!


Dr. Luther Castillo Blazes Through Dallas!

by Ernest McMillan

What a weekend of building solidarity and awareness in Dallas! On Saturday, October 17th, North Americans joined hands with Chicanos, Mexicans and Central Americans, (especially Hondurans, Belizeans, Guatemalans, Costa Ricans and El Salvadorians) to welcome and embrace Dr. Luther Castillo’s factual and inspiring message of resistance to the military/elitist strong arm takeover in Honduras at the First Presbyterian Church in Plano. Dr. Castillo is the Communications Secretary for the National Resistance Front Against the Coup in Honduras. Dallas is one of the many stops being conducted to organize public support for the restoration of democracy and generate strong and for crafting effective sanctions by the US Government against the illegal regime. He presented a call for action, listing ways we could help. One way is through post cards to the Obama administration demanding stronger sanctions be placed against the illegal Micheletti regime.

Dr Luther Castillo from Honduras

Check out the video of Dr. Luther in front of the Dallas Morning News

Continuing on Sunday, October 18th, Dr. Castillo moved throughout the Metroplex conducting interviews and presenting the people’s case for restoring democracy in Honduras. He spoke before the United Auto Workers Local 848’s Executive Council. There a unanimous resolution of support was passed. Dr. Castillo also conducted two radio interviews and one televised report, getting out a clear report on what is occurring in his homeland and presenting a comprehensive message that is not being reported in the US media. The local radio interviews were for KNON FM’s “Workers Beat” hosted by Gene Lantz, and with Tunde Kobazee on Rational Radio/1360 AM. Univision TV Channel 23’s news person Marisol conducted the news coverage to be aired today Monday, 10/19.


For an opportunity to experience his message, you may check out the following links:

The work continues. The crisis in Honduras is intensifying. Our support is crucial to curtailing the military violence and so vital to reversing the power stealing actions and schemes of the oligarchy. Get involved. Join the Dallas Peace Center’s Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in Honduras. Meet with us on Tuesday, at 7 PM at the Dallas Peace center, 5910 Cedar Springs at Inwood Road.