Good Problem to Have:

Too Many Actions!

The North Texas Jobs with Justice monthly 2nd Wednesday planning meeting on March 14 took up these future actions:

Mar 22, Stand up for Health Care: Our success with the February 29 Songfest led us into co-sponsoring a celebration of the Affordable Care Act. It's 2nd anniversary is March 23 and the favorable statistics on it are piling up. We will get together 3:30 to 5PM on Thursday, March 22, at 1408 N Washington in Dallas. We fought hard for these health care advancements, and we do not intend to lose them! March 23 marks the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act being signed into law. The new health care law makes health care coverage more secure by ensuring that families cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or lose their coverage or be forced into bankruptcy when someone gets sick. It requires that members of Congress get health care coverage from the same plans as millions of Americans. But Republicans want to refight the same old political battles of the past so they can put the insurance companies back in charge and take away the protections in the law that are already benefiting millions of seniors, children, small business owners, women and young adults. Health care works – and is clearly constitutional – but we must protect the care of every American from political games that will take away their benefits.

Dallas was recently found to be 264th out of 306 cities evaluated on their commitment to health care.

Mar 29 or 30, Turn Out the Vote: We are helping to plan a public event marking 60 days before the next election. That is the first day that Texans can request a ballot to vote by mail. Here's who qualifies:discussion at jwj meeting

Voting by mail is far superior for the voter and a much more reliable way to turn out the vote. Further, the Texas Attorney General is hell-bent to get approval for the Texas Voter ID law, which would curtail voting rights. Ironically, vote-by-mail is not affected by it. The AFL-CIO is challenging all aspects of the attack on democratic voting rights.

March 31, 10AM: Celebrate Cesar Chavez' birthday. Arlington March at 10 AM, Ft Worth at 2:30 PM, starting at the convention center.

Early April, New Union Hall in Dallas: Our Ironworker friends who organize rebar workers at North Texas construction sites are having some success at last! We expect to help them "housewarm" their new union office before long!

April 14, Train for more and bigger mobilizations: We registered the 578th of the nationwide trainings for the 99% Spring Mobilizations. Ours will be 10 AM on Saturday, April 14, at 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie. The idea is to give us a better idea of the situation we are faced with and help us be more professional in changing this corporate-dominated world. Check them out at and sign up for our event at The entire week of April 9-14 is open for more training opportunities.

* Form a local community of people committed to non-violent direct action to forge a more just economy.
* Tell our family’s stories to let go of our shame, discover what connects us and build solidarity.
* Learn how we got here—who broke our economy, and how others like us have responded in the past.
* Create a vision for a new, more just economy.
* Prepare ourselves personally and as a community for nonviolent direct action.

Late April, Learn About America's Fight for the 8-Hour Day: We expect to join with the Pan-African Connection in developing presentations about the struggle for the 8-hour day. It was American labor's greatest contribution to the world and is hardly ever celebrated in this country.


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