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Katrina Victims Getting Help

Dear Mr. Lantz,

My name is Lauren Sargent and I write on the behalf of Dallas Area Interfaith. We ask you to air or publish the public service announcement regarding the Resource Fair for the Hurricane Katrina evacuees who reside in the Dallas area. The date and time will be on Saturday, August 26th from 9 a.m.- 12 p.m.; the location will be King of Glory Lutheran Church at 6411 LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX 75240.

Organizations that will participate in the fair will offer assistance in health, housing, employment, case management, charity, education, home loans, etc. These include Fannie Mae, FEMA, Catholic Charities, and HUD. Continental breakfast will be served.

Please contact me to let me know if you want to air or publish the announcement at [email protected] or on my phone at 972-580-0206. You may also contact me if you need additional information.

Lauren Sargent

Other Ways to Get Help:

The Dallas AFL-CIO and individual unions have been extending help to members. ACORN has a special program for Katrina Victims in North Texas

Union and religious leaders were disappointed when the joint meeting scheduled for August 25 had to be postponed. Jobs with Justice is presently outreaching Texas clerics to encourage their participation in "Labor in the Pulpit" Labor-Day announcements during the weekend of Sept 2-4.

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