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Meeting Wednesday -- Don't Let Them Divide Us!

Don't let them divide us!

National Jobs with Justice has called on us to go to Social Security offices to oppose their supplying "no match letters" for workplace raids. Please join us at 2 PM on Friday, October 12, at the Regional Social Security office, 1301 Young Street. It is between Dallas City Hall and the Dallas Morning News. We will deliver letters to the Regional Commissioner asking that Social Security stop cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) people. The resulting raids penalize all workers, many of whom are citizens or have green cards.

We need your signed letter along the lines of the sample below. Several union church, and community leaders are already working on the project.

Let's plan together

We'll refine our strategy at the monthly second-Wednesday Jobs with Justice meeting at 7 PM Wednesday, October 10, at the Oak Cliff Methodist Church, 547 E Jefferson. Parking and entrance are in the rear.

There's More

Several more opportunities and challenges will be on our agenda:

Our own Dr. Ron Wilhelm and Margarita Alvarez will help with a Symposium on Immigration beginning 8:30 AM Saturday, 13 October, at the First United Methodist Church, 122 N Center Street in Grand Prairie. Registration at the door is $20. For more information: Dallas 214-381-0901, Ft. Worth 817-534-3293.

"Wake-Up Wal-Mart" will be announcing activities very soon. Watch for info.

The National Nurses Organizing Committee has affiliated with Texas AFL-CIO and is affiliating at the local level. Let's continue to back them as they lead the fight for health care reform.

While gobblelizers are trying to bully Costa Rica into joining the Central American "Free Trade Agreement," reactionaries in this country are trying to get four new NAFTA-like "agreements" passed. Jobs with Justice has always carried this fight, and we must continue.

Love & solidarity
Gene Lantz for Jobs with Justice


Sample Letter

Please mail your signed letter to Jobs with Justice, Box 225822, Dallas TX 75222 or fax it to (214) 943-2321 before Friday. Here is a short sample:

Dear Commissioner Schuenemeyer:

We write to express grave concern that Social Security plans to send approximately 140,000 no-match letters to employers. In the past, these letters have resulted in unlawful terminations and discriminatory behavior.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is hijacking Social Security and the no-match letter process, converting it into an immigration enforcement tool. We fear that countless workers will be harmed. Many of these workers will undoubtedly be U.S. citizens and legal residents.

The new rule does nothing to resolve the problems with our broken immigration system. Undocumented workers who receive no-match letters will not leave the country. Instead they and their employers will move into the unregulated, cash-based underground economy, resulting in unfair competition, the loss of tax revenue, and further exploitation and abuse by unscrupulous employers.

We urge you to reconsider sending the letters until these matters have been resolved.


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