Please Get Connected!

Mark April 6 on your calendar!

The fight for worker justice is rampaging in all 50 states. Even though there are other good organizations involved, the union movement is the most reliable. There are several ways you can connect, whether you work under a union contract or not.

Sign up for Ed Sills Newsletter

Ed Sills is the Information Director for the Texas AFL-CIO. He sends a daily news blurb that covers just about everything of concern to Texas working people. It is vital all year round, but completely indispensable when the Texas Legislature is in session. It was originally limited to union members, but is completely open and free now. Anybody can get it! Everybody needs it!

Ed writes, "To get on my mailing list, please send an e-mail and, if any, a union affiliation or retiree status." Write to [email protected].

Join the Texas Forward Coalition includes the American Federation of Teachers, the Texas State Employees Union, the Texas AFL- CIO, Jobs with Justice, and a good many other progressive organizations. Individuals can sign up for their news service, but the main thing they need is for more progressive organizations to join. Every union, every church, every club that cares about working Texans should be a member. Their program is simple:


  1. Spend the $9.4 billion "Rainy Day" fund before starting to cut services and lay off workers. Also;
  2. Take all the federal money offered and try to get more
  3. Close the tax loopholes and generate some revenue

I know I've been nagging everybody to join and donate to Jobs with Justice, but this statewide coalition is paramount during this Texas legislative session!



Join Working America

Working America is an outreach arm for the National AFL-CIO. Get on their list to keep track of the national uprising as it happens!

Demonstrate! April 6 is Special!

Dozens of street actions are being called. National Jobs with Justice is trying to focus people on Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana, where some of the worst attacks against workers are taking place. Probably the most important upcoming events in Texas are statewide rallies and lobby days on March 14 and April 6. The March 14 event will bring teachers and school supporters from all over the state. As of March 2, they had 12 buses filled from Dallas alone! They depart at 6 AM on Monday, March 14, from the teacher union hall, 334 W Centre in Dallas (Oak Cliff). It's just a block south of Bishop & Jefferson. People who want more flexibility are car-pooling.

The April 6 event was originally called by the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU-CWA). However, the Texas Forward coalition has adopted the same event in order to combine all the state's progressive forces that Wednesday. TSEU has tickets for $15, which includes lunch and the bus ride to and from Austin. Jobs with Justice is helping sell them. I'm promoting it on KNON, 89.3 FM, every Monday 7-8 AM.

Let's connect!