Stand Up for Democracy!

Register and Vote!

Virtually every union membership in America is urging volunteers to help get out the 2008 election vote. Call any of them if you'd like to help. They are listed in the phone book under "Labor Organizations."

Not a union member? Join Working America, the AFL-CIO community affiliate:

Mark Your Calendar:
The 2008 election schedule is listed at

First day to receive applications for ballots by mail: Sep 5

First day to mail ballots to voters: Sep 20

Last day to register to vote in this election: Oct 6

First day to vote early: Oct 20

Last day to receive applications for ballots by mail: Oct 28

Last day to vote early in person: Oct 31

Election day: Nov 4

Early voting dates and times

Oct 20:(Monday through Friday) Oct 24

Oct 25: Saturday

Oct 26: Sunday

Oct 27: (Monday through Friday) Oct 31

A simple way to register is to click on then download the Texas voter registration form. Print it, fill it out, and mail. The new rules require your Texas drivers’ license number or the last four digits of your Social Security.

You may need to register by filing in a new (free) card:

v    If you have moved

v    If you have not voted for 790 days

v    If you recently aged to 17 years and 10 months

v    If you have been convicted of a felony, but have finished parole/probation

If you need more registration cards, go to

If you need a big bunch of them, go to:

Dallas County Elections Department, 8th floor

Dallas County Health and Human Resources Bldg.

2377 N. Stemmons Fwy. Suite 820

Dallas, Texas 75207

The building is just South of the Motor Street exit on Highway 35 (Stemmons).

The new application cards demand a Texas drivers’ license number or the last four digits of a Social Security number.

Application cards are mailed, postage free, to the county courthouse. Activists working to register voters in North Texas will need to know the zip codes of the County Courthouses in surrounding counties. Here are some of them:

Collin          75074

Dallas          75207

Denton          76202

Ellis           75168

Henderson       75751

Johnson         76033

Kaufman         75751

Tarrant         76102

Tyler           75979

Wise            76234

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