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Guatemalans are Concerned About Human Rights

With only word-of-mouth publicity, Voices for Immigrants was able to get 30-40 Guatemalans to come to the ACORN office on Maple & Butler in Dallas on November 20. They heard Dr. Sergio Fernando Morales Alvarado, Procurator of Human Rights, from Guatemala City. The group was welcomed in Spanish by ACORN organizer Melissa Brimm and by Voices for Immigrants President Margarita Alvarez.

Dr. Morales spoke at length about the human rights situation for Guatemalans in their home country and in the United States. He urged them to channel their concern into organized action to resolve the crisis.

Margarita Alvarez invited everyone to "Day of Immigrants," an annual event. It will be held this year at Rosemont Christian Church, 1304 South Hampton Road, Dallas, TX 75208 at 3 PM on December 17.

Gene Lantz of Jobs with Justice invited everyone to a forum at 7 PM December 10 on "Democracy in Latin America -- What it Means for International Trade." It will be held at Oak Cliff Methodist, 547 Jefferson at Marsalis, in Dallas. Entrance is in the rear. Eyewitnesses will talk about the December 3 elections in Venezuela.

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