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Western Erectors Employees Continue to Seek Justice

The coalition seeking justice for construction workers visited another general contractor on July 24. I met them at 1901 Regal Row and went inside the Rogers-O'Brien office with them. I introduced myself to an executive there. He shook hands but did not identify himself. The guys told me later that his name was Mark Reese.

Mr. Reese was impatient with the visit and said that he had heard it all before. He said that he was not able to do anything at all to improve workplace conditions created by the Wester Erector subcontractor. He said that he had personally checked and believed that workers had adequate water and shade on the job. He didn't want to discuss overtime nor safety equipment, but believed that management was staying within the law.

The workers' insistence only made the manager more impatient. After a very few minutes, he turned and walked away. I snapped this photo outside the building right before we left.

The visit was a sharp contrast to the last one, which included Dr. Joerg Rieger, who was out of town. With a larger delegation and more community support, the delegation was treated fairly and politely. It makes sense that the more community support the workers can show, the more likely they are to get a fair hearing. Contact me about helping them.

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