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Jobs with Justice Meets 2/14 at UNITE-HERE! Hall

The UNITE-HERE! union has offered to let us hold our meetings there, so I scheduled Jobs with Justice for 6:30 PM on 2nd Tuesday, February 14. Address is 2639 Walnut Hill#203, Dallas, TX 75229. To get there, go North on Hiway 35 to Walnut Hill, then about half a mile to the right (east). It's on the left. Most activists will recall that we met there to plan the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride.

Really awful immigrant legislation passed the House in December, and Senator Cornyn has a lot to say about what happens to it. They want to throw all immigrants and everybody who helps them into prisons, build more prisons, and build a 700 mile wall. Given this administration's actions so far, I don't doubt that they also intend to torture all of us and bomb Mexico. Willy Gonzalez and I talked about it on KNON 89.3 FM.

Immigration is expected to be the number one "wedge" issue in 2006. Progressive activists are going to need to think this issue through carefully. Then, they are going to have to find every possible ally in the fight to preserve our unity in the face of the worst anti-labor onslaught of our lifetimes. That's what Jobs with Justice is good at.

See you Tuesday, February 14!




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