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Issues Are Critical for Workers

Second-Wednesday Meeting
7 PM, February 11
547 E Jefferson, Dallas

Everybody Invited!

Critical opportunities confront our North Texas Jobs with Justice chapter as
we prepare for the February meeting on Wednesday the 11th at PM at Oak
Cliff Methodist, 547 E Jefferson in Dallas. National JwJ is joining the AFL-CIO
and the Alliance for Retired Americans in asking us to talk to our
congresspersons Feb 16-20 while they are home in their districts.


The stimulus package is the most immediate. Texas congresspersons, as always, are among
the worst anti-worker people in Washington. Although they all say something else, the real issue is whether the government bailout will go to the wealthy under the old "trickle down" ideology, or whether it will go to the people who need it the most and will spend it the fastest, us!

The Employee Free Choice Act continues to be our top legislative priority, and the one we can help the most. Most of the area unions have already gathered petitions and cards from their members, but Jobs with Justice is trying to get the other 90% of the working population on board. I have 3 speaking gigs on this and am looking for more!

A number of our allies are re-evaluating our chances on national health care. Instead of single-payer health care for every American, some are saying that extensions and improvements are all we can get. Do we stop pushing for the Conyers' Bill, HR 676 and ask for something more modest?

Organizing ourselves and fund raising are pressing topics

We have affiliation fees for more than half the unions and "other" progressive organizations that affiliated last year. Individual memberships ($25/year) are a little behind. We've raised a little money asking for donations for buttons, and we might raise some with the 50 new Jobs with Justice Comic Books I've ordered. Explanation is below.

Please join us Wednesday evening to plan our best effort during these challenging times/wonderful opportunities. Wednesday morning at 8:05, I'll have UNITE-HERE on KNON (89.3 FM) to talk about their press conference at City Hall at noon the next day. We are needed!

love & solidarity



We've got something that will hopefully help to both lighten your mood AND explain how we got into this huge financial mess in the first place!

Jobs with Justice and the Institute for Policy Studies are pleased to announce the publication of ECONOMIC MELTDOWN FUNNIES, a 16 page comic book on the roots of the economic crisis.

You can view the entire comic book on-line and download it at

We will have beautiful print versions available in mid January with color covers. These will be available at cost plus shipping. Information on how to get those will be available on the web site later this week.

Please spread the word about our comic book!

-- Jobs with Justice


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