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Plan for Action!

National Jobs with Justice sent us some important dates for our participation in the national strategic planning process. It is likely that JwJ will make some serious adaptations to the new opportunities, and our input is valuable.

They want us to discuss their draft program ASAP after it arrives on Jan 12. As we already have our January 14 meeting scheduled, that's an easy one. Also on the 14th, we can look at our prospects for participating in the national retreat Feb 26-27-28 in Baltimore. We have to decide if and how we can participate.

There is also a strong need for strategic planning at the local level. We can't wait till the end of February for that, because our fund-raising cycle has already begun. Annual fees remain $1,000 for big organizations, $500 for middle size (500 members), $100 for smaller organizations, and $25 for individuals. Send checks to North Texas Jobs with Justice, Box 225822, Dallas TX 75222, or use Paypal on our web site.

North Texas has a lot of unrealized potential, and the opportunities are almost limitless in the next period. To what extent do we want to increase our efforts and our effect? What are we actually capable of? Can we rise to the new situation?

We need a leadership meeting as soon as possible after the 14th.

We will have the MLK march on Jan 17th, and that's a big deal for us. Those who have marched before already know how to park their cars, etc. Others may e-mail me. As usual, we are starting to get feelers from other organizations that did not go through the application process. We welcome everybody who will be a credit to Dr. King and to Jobs with Justice in our contingent. Reverend L. Charles Stovall, who represents Dr. King better than any other North Texan, will join me on KNON this Wednesday at 8:05 AM. 89.3 FM or


Allied Waste Teamsters Vote Yes Rally

January 14th 3pm

Corner of Carson and Elliott Reeder Road

Physical street address of Allied Waste is 6100 Elliott Reeder Road, Fort Worth TX 76117.
(121 airport freeway exit Carson)

Congratulations to reporter Gregg Jones for leading the Dallas Morning News investigative series on privatization in Texas. Congratulations to the Texas State Employees Union for fighting privatization all the way. Congratulations to all of us for getting these privatization vampires away from our necks!


"The fact is that recent economic numbers have been terrifying, not just in the United States but around the world. Manufacturing, in particular, is plunging everywhere. Banks aren't lending; businesses and consumers aren't spending. Let's not mince words: This looks an awful lot like the beginning of a second Great Depression." --Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman

House Speaker Tom Craddick has been overthrown. --Ed Sills, Texas AFL-CIO
The New York Times discussed the need for the Employee Free Choice Act --Ed Sills

President-elect Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress are planning swift action to overturn a Supreme Court decision that made it much harder for people to challenge discrimination in employment, education, housing and other fields. The decision, involving a woman named Lilly M. Ledbetter, who had accused her employer of sex-based pay discrimination, was issued in May 2007. -Ed Sills


Martin Luther King Jr Parade March

Park by 9 AM in Fair Park (South End) Take Shuttle back to City Hall

Join the Jobs with Justice Contingent

10 AM: Begin march back to Fair Park

So far, we have groups from UAW 848, UAW 276, and Teamsters 767 expected. What about you?


Molly Rooke and the Sierra Club are fighting to save our lives: You can tell the NRC and Luminant that you want to see:
a. more energy efficiency and renewable solar, wind and geothermal power used instead of risky and expensive nuclear power.
b. These cleaner energy solutions exist today, and are more affordable. Plus they don't come with the radioactive waste that nuclear power generates, risks of terrorist threat or radioactive contaminantion from leaks or accidents.
Comanche Peak has had plenty of problems with existing reactors and many of the past articles are posted on

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