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Speakers Against Gobble-lization Available in North Texas

The Inter-faith Committee for Economic Justice meets regularly in Dallas on the first Wednesday of every month (in January it will be the 2nd Wednesday). They are affiliated with Texas Fair Trade Watch, which is the primary source of information and organizing against the secret investment schemes known as "free trade." ICEJ has a Speakers' Bureau with experts on Latin America, immigration, the environment, and worker's rights issues. They also have a library of materials on paper and on video.

The group is eager to provide free, bilingual, speakers and information to any organization willing to listen. The need is critical because Congress will soon vote on what they are calling the "Central American Free Trade Agreement" or CAFTA. The bill will whiz through Congress very quickly because the procedure was greased last year when "fast track" legislation went through. In other words, the amount of legislative debate will be extremely limited and no changes will be allowed.

CAFTA is almost exactly the same as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which has already wrecked jobs, benefits, and the environment for the peoples of Mexico, Canada, and the United States. It is a precursor to another scheme known eumphemistically as "Free Trade Area of the Americas" (FTAA). FTAA would bind all the nations of the Western Hemisphere in the same snarly ropes as NAFTA.

In the photo below, Dr. Ron Wilhelm, addresses an immigrants' rights group in Dallas.