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Labor Joins MLK Marches

CWA 6171 and UAW members from Locals 276 and 848 were among the marchers in the Dallas Martin Luther King parade/march on January 15. ACORN members, as usual, were strong in the Jobs with Justice contingent. The City of Dallas controls the parade. By some measures, it was not as big as it has been, even though the weather was better than usual. This may not be bad news.

For years, the MLK march sponsored by the Dallas weekly paper, Elite News, has competed with the City's event. They claim that their event is closer to the kind of community-based civil rights action that King made famous in his lifetime. This year, they had more bands and possibly more participants than the City's parade!

The biggest Texas celebration is the San Antonio march, and participants there are quick to correct anybody who calls it a "parade." This year, estimates of participation there go as high as 100,000 -- while the Dallas paper estimated the viewers at the city parade at 6,000. If there is a trend, it is toward more grass-roots, more militant civil rights activity, and that's not bad news.