Jobs Crisis A Matter of Indifference to Rich

Not only are they not passing any new legislation to meet the jobs crisis, they are even disposing of the old legislation that might have helped!

Scott Marshall of Chicago reports that on June 6th, the Senate opened debate on the Economic Development Revitalization Act of 2011, a bill to reauthorize and expand a long-running and consistently successful job-creation agency, the Economic Development Administration. The EDA has traditionally enjoyed bipartisan support, and this reauthorization bill was introduced with bipartisan co-sponsorship and passed out of committee without any dissent from Republicans. But after two weeks of debate, the bill was unanimously filibustered by Republicans and has now been pulled from the floor.  

On the good side, the Progressive Caucus tour stopped in Detroit and drew a mighty crowd. They are coming to Houston, too! John Rummel of the People's World reports: Detroiters say we need jobs, not spending on war.

A number of additional help for the unemployed links were added to this site.

Our usual "First Friday vigil" will take place on July 8th, because that is the day that the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the latest figures. Usually, it's the first Friday. Join us in front of their office at 525 Griffin at Young in downtown Dallas at 11:30 on July 8th.

The best news I know of is that the Post Office is hiring, with some preference for Veterans. It's not the job it used to be, the postal service, but at least they are hiring.