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Organize the Under-Employed!

One of the main topics at the regular monthly North Texas Jobs with Justice meeting has to be the rise of unemployment and under-employment. Texas AFL-CIO communicator Ed Sills passes this info:

Bear in mind that unemployment statistics are compiled only for those who are actively seeking jobs. With the average length of unemployment at record highs, there may be millions of "discouraged" unemployed who have given up looking! Add to them the tens of millions working low wage, part time, and temporary jobs, then try to calculate the true picture of unemployment and under-employment in America right now!

Enough Talking -- It's Time to Take Action!

Ed Sills also tells us that the Texas Legislature and, particularly, the Governor of Texas have not made the necessary adjustments to qualify for $555 million in federal stimulus funds for unemployed workers. The money is just waiting while they make political postures! The Texas AFL-CIO is asking unemployed workers to come forward immediately to show the real face of the disaster they are experiencing. Let's get busy on this and also start the wheels in motion for long-term solutions such as these:

It is unlikely that government officials and big business will help workers adequately. We must pass legislation favoring the right to organize so that working people can have a larger voice in American life! Please join us at the Jobs with Justice meeting at 7 PM on March 11 at Oak Cliff Methodist Church, 547 E Jefferson in Dallas. Parking and entrance in rear.

Pass the Employee Free Choice Act NOW!

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