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Where’s Our Bailout?

The big bankers who caused the crisis got at least $1 trillion? Where’s ours?

Where’s Our Recovery?

The stock market, the banks, and the corporations are now in “recovery,” they say. Where’s ours?

Where’s Our Health Care?

While backwards politicians fiddle, more and more Americans lose their health care. Every 30 seconds, somebody files medical bankruptcy! The ones that still have insurance see it getting worse and worse. Decent health care for all Americans would help a lot of people to retire, thus leaving more jobs for everybody else.

Where’s Our Right to Organize?

If ordinary people are going to do anything about this mess, we need the power of organization. But the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and big corporations are doing their best to make sure that the Employee Free Choice Act gets gutted or demolished!

Where’s Our Jobs?

One in six Americans is unemployed or underemployed. If this is an economic “recovery,” when do we start to see some decent jobs?

Becky Moeller

The President of the Texas AFL-CIO, Becky Moeller, returns from the national labor convention just in time to address North Texans about the economic crisis and what working people can and will do about it! She will be joined by real workers carrying out real struggles! The event opens national Jobs with Justice’s week of economic fightback and takes place at the same time as the international protests at the G20 summit of world leaders.
Please join us!

4:30 PM Friday, September 25

UAW 848 Union Hall

2218 E Main, Grand Prairie
For more information, contact North Texas Jobs with Justice, 214-942-4236 and