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Dear Activists,
Our 2nd Wednesday meeting falls on International Human Rights Day and is in the middle of the "Week of Action" that National Jobs with Justice called. Everybody in the nation is planning activities to show our dislike for the bankers' bailout and call for a people's bailout. It's an urgent time. The meeting is 2nd Wednesday, Dec 10, 7 PM, at Oak Cliff Methodist, 547 E Jefferson in Dallas. We have a number of important decisions to make. Please come.

Brother Stewart Minor reports that students will stage activities at the University of North Texas on Dec 10-11-12. I propose that we all go to downtown Denton for their rally at 2:30 PM Friday, Dec 12, at 101 S Locust St in downtown Denton. There is more to this than the demand for a people's bailout, although that is reason enough to go. It is also our big chance for North Texas Jobs with Justice to finally have a student component. Some of them have been coming to Dallas for the last several months; it is time we went to Denton for them!

Also coming up: Dallas Peace Center honors Reverend L. Charles Stovall tomorrow night, Dec 4. Call 214-823-7793 to arrange tickets.

Dec 13 will be the first meeting of our new and ongoing Workers Rights Board. E-mail Dr Isabelle DoCampo if you want to help. [email protected]

Dec 18 is international "Dia de Los Inmigrantes." Margarita and Jorge are working with Rev. Edgar Bazan for an event at 6 PM at Oak Cliff Methodist. Contact [email protected]

National JwJ has a big list of things we can do to demand a people's bailout and passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Check with them at

Here is the short version:

Call to Action! People's Bail-Out Now!!
National Week of Action: December 7-13
As many predicted, the Wall Street Bail-out has proven to be the gross give-away to the same financial bigwigs that have been pocketing millions while wrecking the real economy. It's time for a "People's Bail-Out" that fixes the real economy, restores a voice for working people in challenging corporate greed, provides emergency help to the victims of the crisis and begins building a fair economy that works for all, addressing crises in housing, health care, jobs, retirement security and the environment.

* pass a large economic stimulus/recovery package, on the scale of the emergency we face
* pass the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)
* stop evictions due to foreclosures
* emergency action so people losing jobs don't lose health care

Lay the groundwork for a long-term recovery:
* green jobs and clean energy
* restore worker justice, including EFCA and other reforms
* health care for all
* retirement security
* re-regulate the finance system and make the speculators pay to clean-up their mess


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