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Petitioning Penetrates

Approximately 800 North Texans have signed paper petitions against privatizing Social Security. The campaign began with the NAACP meeting on February 1 and has been carried into a number of union meetings and retiree gatherings. Almost everybody who has been asked has signed the petitions, which have been forwarded to the Alliance for Retired Americans (AFL-CIO) in Washington DC.

A dozen or more activists have started their own petitioning campaigns among Autoworkers, Teamsters, Communications Workers, and other unions. The KNON radio program, "Workers' Beat," at 8 AM on Wednesday mornings has featured the campaign to stop the Bush Administration from their intended goal of privatizing Social Security.

E-messages and web pages are carrying the facts that contradict the Administration's claims. Ed Sills of the Texas AFL-CIO features Social Security in many of his daily news releases. Most recently, he re-ran a New York Times article that explains the Administration's misleading claims concerning inheritance of Social Security benefits.

Speakers have little problem demolishing the Administration's claims, even though the corporate "news" agencies try to ensnare readers into complicated details that obscure the larger picture. The facts are too strong to be undermined:

  • 1. Social Security is not in immediate danger

  • 2. Even if it were, privatization would not help

  • 3. Bush's "solution" would actually make our economic situation, especially the deficit, much worse

  • 4. There are many simple methods to get more funds into Social Security when needed. Privatization is not "the only solution;" it isn't a solution at all!

The AFL-CIO petition is at For a printable version in Word format, contact me.

Please attend a Social Security meeting with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson at 2 PM Friday, March 4, at 1408 N Washington.