Texans To Turn Out for Health Care Reform!

The Texas AFL-CIO and a growing coalition of progressive organizations have called for a statewide rally for Health Care Reform at the Capitol on Saturday, November 14, from 1-3 PM. The following just came in from Communications Director Ed Sills:

Charter bus for health care reformA major rally for meaningful health care reform has been set for 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14, at the Texas Capitol.

The rally will feature several Texas speakers. The Texas AFL-CIO is a co-sponsor, along with a growing list of progressive organizations; more to come as that list grows. In the summer, anti-health reform forces received national publicity for rallies featuring at most a few hundred people. We plan to have a significantly larger rally as Congress makes the crucial decisions on what will be in the bill.

We can charter a 55-seat, Teamster-driven, bus for $1,191.80. Even with a box lunch, that's about $25/person. People who couldn't go would probably pitch in that much for a retiree or unemployed person!

North Texas Jobs with Justice is scrambling for information on public transportation and car caravans to Austin. Everybody should plan to go, but we need to raise money to help people with special needs and political credibility.

Unemployed Must Attend This Rally!

Seniors Must Attend!

Start Thinking, Start Planning, Start Committing!

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