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Oct 10: Join Us to "Stir the Pot!"

Stirring the Pot: Women Vote

Dallas Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), North Texas Jobs with Justice (JWJ) and Mid-Cities Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) are hosting what's called a "Stirring the Pot" dinner on Tuesday, October 10th, and we really hope you can come!

There's a lot going on in our country and in our community that I know we all are concerned about - things like healthcare costs, how we'll be able to afford college for our kids and what kind of jobs will even be there for the next generation. It can all seem pretty overwhelming, like "How could I possibly do anything about it?" Thousands of women and male supporters across the country are gathering this same night to do the same thing - eat and talk, mix things up a bit. Maybe we'll come up with some ideas. Maybe we'll just have good food and a good talk. Either way, it should be fun.

Let's do it potluck. Gerardo of LCLAA volunteered to do burgers and hot dogs and everyone can bring a dish to share.

Call (214) 942-4236 to RSVP.

The event takes the place of our regular 2nd Tuesday Jobs with Justice meeting. Hope to see you on Tuesday, October 10th!

Time: 6:30 PM
Address: 1408 N. Washington, Dallas, Texas
Please bring: a dish to share


* Your mom is worried about making ends meet when she retires next year.
* Your best friend wonders if her children will ever be able to afford to own a home of their own.
* Your neighbor admits that she has never had a mammogram, even though her sister has breast cancer, because she doesn't have health insurance.
* A co-worker is still paying off the student loans she took out to pay for college ten years ago.
* A family from your church almost lost their house when the dad was outof work for 18 months after his job was outsourced.

These are the things the keep us awake at night - the issues that make us feel we are one bad incident away from losing everything. These are the kinds of issues we'll discuss at "Stirring the Pot" dinners. Every two years, the AFL-CIO and Working America jointly conduct an online survey called "Ask a Working Woman." This year, more than 26,000 women responded. Concerns about health care costs and job and retirement security topped the list. An astounding 90 percent of working women - across all ages, incomes and ethnicities - indicated they are overwhelmingly worried about the future for the next generation.

At the same time, many women have simply stopped voting - a lot of us don't feel our vote will make a difference anymore. But we'll never change things unless we get involved. "Stirring the Pot" gatherings will be held all over the country, bringing women together in casual, comfortable settings to share our concerns about how these and other issues are affecting the quality of life for our families and communities, and how our voices need to be heard. We'll provide an ice-breaker activity to help you and your guests get talking about the issues that matter to your families and in your community. A comprehensive discussion guide will provide thought-provoking questions and highlights from the survey to help keep the conversation going and on-track. And, you'll receive a couple of activities the group can do to get more women out to vote on the issues that make the most difference to working families.

For info from the AFL-CIO:

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