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Just as the AFL-CIO is calling for us to call 1-888-355-3588 and speak to our congresspersons against CAFTA:

Save Texas Schools!

North Texas teachers are set to rally at 4:15 PM on Monday, May 23, at the Townview School on 8th Street at Hiway 35 (just on the east side of the freeway). The theme is "Texas Legislature Leaves Every Child Behind--While It Makes its Own Golden Parachutes!" At issue are bills in the legislature to deny teacher raises, increase class sizes, authorize more money for low-performing charter schools, authorize tax money for private schools, cut teacher retirement benefits, and privatize 5% of the Texas schools every year into the future.

At the Central Labor Council meeting on May 19, Dallas AFT President Aimee Bolender commented, "It's the worst legislature for public education that we have ever seen." Publicity generated from the anti-school legislators would have us believe that teachers are going to get $3,000 pay raises, but Bolender said only about 7,000 teachers statewide will actually see an increase from this legislature. There are 11,000 teachers in Dallas ISD alone!

Many teachers and other observers agree that the Texas Legislature is trying to destroy public education!

Teachers are asking people to contact their legislators to ask that they vote against HB2 (education) and HB3 (taxation and funding). An easy way to do it is to go to, the Dallas teachers' page.

A large number of union locals also asked for help at the Dallas AFL-CIO meeting. Federal employees are losing their rights under the Bush Administration. City employees do not even have basic free speech and political rights. Communications Workers say, "We are fighting for our lives." They want help with HB408 and other state legislation. Letter Carriers are completing a highly successful public food drive. Teamsters are holding a memorial service for Charles "Trigger" Rogers on June 5. Probation officers are hoping for relief from right-wing judges in the next round of elections.

The good news was that most labor-endorsed candidates had won in the past elections. Help is still being sought for those in runoffs. Unions expect to be consulted by candidates in the next local elections. Sister Angela Johnson of the Food & Commercial Workers will be honored at the Coalition of Black Trade Union convention in Phoenix. Jobs with Justice wants more volunteers for its Workers Rights Board. Social Security remains the number one issue for union people at the national level, but the attacks against public education are the major concern in Austin.

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