Dallas AFL-CIO Makes Early Endorsements

While many union organizations wait until after primaries are over the Dallas Central Labor Council had stepped out with a large number of endorsements by January 22. Here is their list:

CD 30 – Eddie Bernice Johnson
100 – Terri Hodge
101 – Robert Miklos
102 – Carol Kent
103 – Rafael Anchia
104 – Roberto Alonzo
106 – Kirk England
107 – Allen Vaught
109 – Helen Giddings
110 – Barbara Mallory Caraway
111 – Yvonne Davis
District Clerk – Gary Fitzsimmons
Judge County Criminal Court 1 – Dan Patterson
Dallas County Democratic Chairperson – Darlene Ewing
County Judge – Clay Jenkins
District Judge, 134th Judicial District – Dale Tillery
District Judge, 68th Judicial District - Martin Hoffman
District Judge, 203rd Judicial District - Davey Lamb
District Judge, 254th Judicial District - David Hanschen
District Judge, 256th Judicial District - David Lopez
District Judge, 265th Judicial District - Mark C. Stoltz
District Judge, 291st Judicial District - Annie Lesser
District Judge, 363rd Judicial District - Tracy Holmes
Criminal District Judge, Dallas County Number 7 - Steve Baer
Family District Judge, 304th Judicial District - William A. "Bill" Mazur Jr.
Judge, County Court at Law #5 – Mark Greenberg
Judge, County Criminal Court #2 - Lennox Bower
Judge, County Criminal Court #8 - Tina Yoo
Judge, County Criminal Court of Appeals #1 - Cass Callaway
County Clerk - John F. Warren

Many of Texas labor's endorsements will be made at their Committee on Political Education (COPE) Convention February 5-7 in Austin.