Labor History Must be Preserved and Studied

Claire Galloway appeared on the "Workers Beat" program on KNON radio August 31. She offered to help unionists and other workers to find and preserve their historical documents. She offered to show people around the labor archives on the 6th floor of the library at University of Texas at Arlington, where she works.

Gene Lantz and Claire GallowayThe next day, she let her actions speak for her. She made a special trip to UAW Local 848 to meet with KNON host Gene Lantz and pick up a valuable artifact from the Cement Workers union. Local 848 has donated boxes and boxes of original materials, including interviews with union officers and retirees from the local. The local has plans to start doing video interviews.

North Texas Jobs with Justice has always been committed to studying workers' history so that we may improve on our future actions. Our own history section, on this site, is a quick resource.





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