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Jobs with Justice Activists Make Plans

Amazing opportunities have come up for Jobs with Justice action! We meet every second Wednesday at 7 PM at Oak Cliff Methodist. Parking and entrance in rear. Here's what we discussed July 9:

*The AFL-CIO has just joined a new national coalition for health care and they are calling for us to get busy on this important electoral issue. This will be a chance to register voters and move people into meaningful work that will really have an impact. The web page is We not only have the union people, but we also have the health care doctors and nurses working with us, so let's plan something! One suggestion from AFL-CIO is to visit congresspersons during their break in late August. I have asked Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson's office if she might be available for an action, because she is a real leader on health care issues. Derek said he could get music if we were to do a cookout or other event.

*Margarita is planning an activity concerning the Social Security "no match" letters that are being used for wholesale firings of workers. Willy Gonzalez of UNITE-HERE wants us engaged in an ongoing fight to unite the working people against efforts to divide us by national origin. Koni said she would contact Margarita and see what can be done. It is possible we will target an establishment in Garland. Jobs with Justice will be taking on this issue across the nation.

*Ironworker organizing is going well, and we have helped. Martin brought a plan for another delegation to a major contractor. We set a tentative date for July 24 at 10 AM. Anybody available? Joerg wants to extend this concept of bringing community pressure to bear on workers' issues by setting up an ongoing Workers Rights Board with responsible board members. We intend to do some outreach along with our efforts to involve labor and other communities, especially churches, during August and September. Of course, the September 1 Dallas Labor Day breakfast is a special target.

Koni had a lot of ideas to bring our Ironworker friends to community leaders.

*The Living Wage campaign and the anti-sweatshop campaigns are taking off and there is promise of real progress

We talked about problems of the autoworkers. Jobs with Justice has a national project coming up involving one of the auto makers that has been bringing down wages in America. Garland said that the General Motors Plant in Arlington (UAW Local 276) is having a shutdown now and there may be more before the year is over.

*On KNON Wednesday mornings, I plan to emphasize Jobs with Justice activities, especially voter registration and labor's main legislative goal, the Employee Free Choice Act.

Love & solidarity


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