Let's Get Together Wednesday

Monthly planning meetings of Jobs with Justice are open meetings of sincere activists. That includes YOU. Join us:

Strikers at Bell Hellicopter are in their 4th week of a very difficult strike action. Their fight over health care and workplace dignity will affect all of us. Contact UAW 218. Look for things you can do.

The Communications Workers are still working without a contract at AT&T. It's health care again!

Congresspersons are in their home districts. We need to call them over our major issues:


 With the seating of Al Franken in Minnesota supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) are expected to introduce a bill into the Senate in the coming weeks. The bill may contain some compromises from the original language but is still expected to me a major advance for the right of workers to organize unions in our country and to get a better life for their families and their communities.

The opposition to the bill, led by the US Chamber of Commerce, is expected to be fierce and well funded. We need to prepare now to educate our members, our families and friends, and the broader community about why this bill will help get our economy back on the right track. Here’s what you can do:

Democracy needs you.

Some of our most devoted activists, Margarita Alvarez and Jorge Del Cid, are looking for support for democracy in Honduras, where the military recently kidnapped and exiled the elected president. They have stood by us every time we called on them for many many years. We need to stand by our friends, and stand up for democracy, now that we have the chance! If you can communicate in Spanish, contact Margarita. If limited to English but still wanting to help, please contact me.

Love & solidarity


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