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Woman Battles for Better Treatment in Concentration Camps

State Representative Roberto Alonzo, Dr. Asma Salam, and Sylvana Alonzo spoke at the Cesar Chavez Breakfast

At the Cesar Chavez breakfast on March 31, Sylvana Alonzo asked all the assembled activists to support Dr. Asma Salam in her fight for better conditions at the concentration camps now being used to hold undocumented workers and their families. Although it is hard to get current information, as many as 2000-3000 people may be helplessly imprisoned in the Haskell, Texas, concentration camp. Some of them may have been there for extended periods. It is said that they do not have adequate facilities.

Texas prisons, its youth correction centers, and its entire justice system have been criticized of late.

Dr. Salam has been conducting protests at the federal building in downtown Dallas. Click here to contact Dr Salam

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