Walmart Seeks Sympathy

Don't pity Walmart.

I know they're filing lawsuits to make it sounds like big bullies are picking on them. On June 14, Texas became the sixth state where they have filed lawsuits against OUR WALMART, the United Food and Commercial Workers, and ordinary people like me. They want permanent injunctions against anybody who stands up to them. There was a short blurb in the business section of the Dallas newspaper on June 19. It's just a desperate plea for sympathy!

Walmart protest

Yes, I am named in the lawsuit. If you think this is wrong, come on down to the Taco Cabana in the strip mall at HIway 30 and Cockrell Hill exit at 7 PM tonight, Wednesday, Juneteenth, and we'll talk about it a little before we really celebrate the end of chattel slavery. We'll also commit ourselves to continuing the fight against semi-slavery and the "Walmart Model" of low pay, few benefits, and uncertain working hours.

--Gene Lantz