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The Fight Is On!

Employee Free Choice Act awaits the vote in Congress!
Texas Senate expects to pass a bill to limit voting!
Texas Unemployment fund almost broke!
Governor and some legislators want to refuse help!

Jobs with Justice Meets Wednesday!

Join us 7 PM Wednesday, March 11. 547 E Jefferson. Parking and entrance in rear.

It's International Women's History month. The Workers' Beat program on KNON radio will have Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller at 8:05 AM on March 11. On March 18, former national AFL-CIO Vice President Linda Chavez Thompson will join me on 89.3 FM and


Actually, there are a number of calls to action from several national and international organizations. The world is rising up in protest, and our area is a significant one. Our March 11 meeting will plan our participation in the March 28 cookout. It's at 2 PM at UAW 848 hall, 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie. Gerardo Contreras of the Labor Coalition for Latin American Advancement had the original idea to have a celebration of the birthday of Cesar Chavez. Jobs with Justice came in on the project to highlight the importance of the right to organize and the Employee Free Choice Act. We are asked to contact Congresspersons to pass the Act.

Related to the right to organize is the right to vote, which is in some jeopardy from the Texas Legislature. Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst changed the rules in the Senate so they can pass a "Voter-ID" act with their big Republican majority. Dewhurst claims it will stop imposters from voting. Democrats and union people say there is no such problem in Texas, and that Dewhurst actually wants to turn back the long historical trend toward more voting rights in America. We are asked to let our legislators know where we stand.

Recently, the Governor of Texas led an effort to lower employers' taxes for the unemployment compensation fund. As a result of that, and of the unprecedented number of layoffs, the fund is nearly broke. At the same time, the Governor and other anti-worker politicians are saying that they do not want $550 million in federal money for unemployed workers! Come to Wednesday's meeting to plan action on this and several other important issues concerning the gigantic new army of the jobless!