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Hot times for JwJ!


The January 9 regular meeting will be our main planning session of the year. Please send your comments, and try to come to the meeting at 7 PM on Wednesday, January 9, at Oak Cliff Methodist, 547 E Jefferson in Dallas. Parking and entrance are in the rear.


Let's register voters between now and the Feb 4 deadline. Click here for more information


Last year, for the first time, we actually became an official JwJ Chapter. Each affiliated organization paid a small amount to make that happen. Since the budget is annual, it's time to raise that money again. Please make checks to "North Texas Jobs with Justice" and send to me at PO Box 225822, Dallas TX 75222. To send money on-line, click here.

The biggest organizations pay $1000/year. Mid sized are $500/year, and the minimum for organizations is $100/year. In 2008, we need to go after a lot more organizations. Any progressive organization that agrees with our overall mission should join. Additionally, the Steering Committee includes one person elected by individual members who paid $25/year. We never collected that before, but most of you pay more than that by contributing every time we pass the hat. This year, let's try to get a lot of individual memberships.

There is no reason that we could not plan to open a "Workers Center" in Dallas similar to what they have in Houston and Austin. JwJ is needed.


We stand a good chance of getting a turnout for our annual participation in the Dallas MLK march. We'll make signs at our regular meeting on Jan 9. Once again, we'll be the contingent actually standing up for MLK's true message of peace, justice, and union solidarity!


On the weekend of January 26, activists will be mobilizing all over the world. National JwJ is part of this "World Social Forum" effort. Our event will be 7 PM Friday, January 25, at Oak Cliff Methjodist, 547 E Jefferson in Dallas. for our "Global Day of Action." The six demands that came from the International Committee of the World Social Forum are listed verbatim below. We need top speakers from each category.

War, Militarism and the Prison Industrial Complex

Immigrant Rights & Migration

Workers Rights in a Globalized Economy

Women and Queer Liberation

Indigenous Sovereignty, Environmental Justice & Global Well-being

Gulf Coast Reconstruction and the Right of Return


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