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Rally for Health Care Reform

1:30 PM
Tuesday, April 8

UAW 276 Hall

2505 W.E. Roberts
Grand Prairie, Texas
(W.E. Roberts intersects Great Southwest Parkway just South of Jefferson Street)




Becky Moeller, President of the Texas AFL-CIO
Dave Minnis, UAW Region 5 Retiree Leader
Tom Love for U.S. House District 24
Kirk England for Texas House District 106
Representative: Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate
Representative: Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Contact: Gene Lantz 214-942-4236 or [email protected]


United Auto Workers Local 276 President, J.R. Flores, has agreed to host a "Rally for Health Care Reform" at his union hall at 2505 W.E. Robersts in Grand Prairie at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, April 8. The event will follow an all-morning seminar involving UAW retirees from all over the state.

Health care reform is a major concern of all American unions, as they can no longer count on successful negotiations with employers for health care insurance coverage for their active and retired members. Health care is expected to be the number one election issue for the union movement. The AFL-CIO is calling for health care activities all through the month of April.

UAW 276 is the General Motors local. The union hall is close to the big factory in Arlington. The closest intersection is Great Southwest Parkway. Anyone who gets lost may call the union at (972) 647-1282. For advanced information on the activity, contact Jobs with Justice

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