Dallas Demands "Jobs Jobs Jobs!"

Brother Jim McCasland of the Dallas AFL-CIO hosted a Town Hall meeting on the jobs crisis at 1408 N Washinton on March 19. He outlined labor's historic stand on the jobs crisis and put the blame where it belongs -- on the bankers and corporate heads who brought the economy down and are now refusing to help revive it. He introduced two really good allies in the struggle: State Representative Robert Miklos and Reverend Doctor Joerg Rieger of the Perkins School of Theology at SMU.

Joerg rieger, jim mccasland, robt Miklos

Reverend Doctor Joerg Riger, Jim McCasland, and Representative Robert Miklos -- Allies against the jobs crisis!



Representative Miklos gave a summary of the underlying economic causes of the crisis. He said that no real recovery can be expected until Americans can get back to work. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumpka has been saying the same thing. At least 11 million jobs are needed just to get our situation back to pre-recession levels.

Reverend Doctor Joerg Rieger, a world-renowned theologian with 10 books in print, is no stranger to North Texas union audiences. He has long advocated closer work between unions and the churches which receive the benefits of union members' participation. Drawing from one of his recent books, "No Rising Tide -- Religion and Economics," Rieger said that corporate-controlled politicians and economists have been telling us that, "A rising tide lifts all boats" since the Reagan Administration. Saying it over and over again, he pointed out, does not make it true.

union and church members protested Bank of AmericaAfter the short but effective meeting, a number of church and union members joined together to protest at a nearby branch Bank of America. Everybody took signs to organize their own protests all over the area.