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Please Join Jobs with Justice

There has never been a time when North Texas unions needed friends more than now. Since 1990, the North Texas Jobs with Justice organizing committee has worked to form critical alliances with unions, churches, civil rights activists, and community groups. In 2007, we have the means and opportunity to solidify our organization into an official chapter of the national organization.

A minimum of 10 sponsoring organizations, 5of them unions, are required by national JwJ. The sponsoring organizations direct the activities of the chapter. In addition to providing leadership, they also underwrite the finances of the chapter. As we have no physical office nor staff, our financial needs are not large.

Here is an example of what JwJ is capable of doing. Our regular second-Wednesday meeting at Oak Cliff Methodist Church took place on January 10. Arepresentative of the National Nurses Organizing Committee asked us to get behind their efforts to improve health care in Texas. This is obviously a project that no individual union could take on, but it fits with North Texas Jobs with Justice, and we agreed to do it.







Next, we discussed the ongoing efforts to help the children and families of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union who were abandoned after a government raid on the Swift Meatpacking plant in Cactus. After that, we talked about our efforts to help the Teamster sanitation workers on strike in Ft Worth. Next was out outreach to civil rights groups and activists through Martin Luther King Jr activities. As always, we discussed the fight against unfair trade laws and outsourcing.

We need a growing Jobs with Justice official chapter in North Texas. Individuals can join our growing network through our web page: Leaders of organizations can contact me the same way or at 214-942-4236.


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