Union of Underemployed

If you don't have a job, or if you aren't being paid what you're worth, you're underemployed!

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MIssion Statement

North Texas Jobs with Justice advocates for the unemployed...Even while we will push for any program that helps people get jobs, we believe that there is only one viable short-term solution: government jobs programs such as the Work Projects Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps that were developed during the last great crisis. The long-term solution is a reduction in working hours while maintaining full pay. As the founder of the American Federation of Labor, Samuel Gompers, wrote: "So long as a single American is out of a job, the hours of work are too long!";

But neither long term nor short term solutions meet the urgent needs of each unemployed person. Each of them needs help now! Hopefully, this effort of ours will be of immediate help while bringing unemployed, underemployed, and other progressive people together to fight for the solutions North Texans must have.

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What Has North Texas Jobs with Justice Done (Up to May, 2011)?