People and Organizations Who Offer Help

Networking with other unemployed people and honest organizations nets far more jobs than the Want Ads ever did...

Helpful Texas Links

Between Jobs Ministry "Free, Christ-centered support ministry of NorthWest Bible Church. We provide encouragement, information, networking, spiritual guidance, and
job search skills training in a Christian setting. The ministry is open to job seekers of all backgrounds and denominations. "

Career Connections (Big!) "We are the CareerConnection, a full service career management and networking organization in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Since September 1992, CareerConnection has assisted over 60,000+ professionals in networking, career management and placement with Great Employers throughout North Texas." Dozens of sub-groups for every profession and city. Check the calendar – there's a group
meeting almost every day. They charge for membership.

Career Search Network Another "big umbrella" group, with many different cities and special interests. Unlike Career Connections, their meetings are free (but donations are always welcome).

CareerDFW "Giving you the tools you need to land your next great opportunity™."

Crossroads Career Transitions Workshop"Crossroads Bible Church’s Career Transition Network was one of the Dallas area's first church-based groups to help people searching for employment. The network now
hosts a free Career Transition Workshop eight months out of the year."

Dallas Worksource (TWC)

Enpowering Job Seekers "Let us teach you proven techniques in developing mentors, meeting hiring managers and developing a complete plan for re-employment that really works!" Looks like the same program every month...

Fort Worth (Tarrant County) Worksource (TWC)

Jobing/CSN Job Board "Fort Worth Career Search Network is proud to partner with to provide you with the most
comprehensive listing of employment opportunities throughout Texas"

Legal Aid "Legal Aid of North West Texas provides free civil legal services to eligible low-income residents in 114 Texas Counties, with offices in AbileneAmarilloBrownwood,DallasDentonFort WorthLubbockMcKinneyMidlandOdessa,PlainviewSan AngeloWaxahachieWeatherford and Wichita Falls. The program operates a telephone intake service and conducts community intake sites at several locations throughout our community. In some cases, eligible incomes might be as high as 200% of the official poverty rate, but is usually 125%. They have experts on employment law, including how to get unemployment benefits.

Sale Fish Thomas Jackson's help for job seekers, including the DFW Company Database, a Cold Calling Primer, the First 90 Days, and more.

Southlake Focus Group (Also a biggie!)"The Southlake Focus Group (SFG) is an independent, nondenominational networking group for professionals in career transition. SFG exists to support all job seekers during their job search, at no charge. We have over eight years experience helping others. " Sometimes as many as 400 show up to these Thursday sessions.

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)

Texas labor law information, specifically on the Texas Payday Law and Texas Child Labor Law. There is a link to the forms needed.

Texas Payday Law Explanation. It is supposed to make sure that employers do not cheat their employees.

For daily news blurbs of interest to all Texas workers, contact Ed Sills, Communications Director of Texas AFL-CIO and get on his list

Helpful National Links

Food Stamps: Facts on food stamps

Forums for unemployed to share stories/advice; advocacy site for unemployed issues; "crisis links" and blogs.

Government help: Free government help and services for the unemployed More help

Homeless: Also housing and shelters for homeless

Internet: Free or cheap services directory

Jobs with Justice national site. They can help locate other programs all over the nation

Legal information: Free info on national laws, including employee law

Medication: Help with getting needed medications

National organizing site for unemployed

Organizing the unemployed to fight for jobs, benefits and other unemployment issues.

On-line community of unemployed sharing stories, advice and posting blogs on issues and suggestions; lots of statistics and news concerned with the unemployed.

Ohio's model unemployed program

Rideshare: Help with transportation regional and national

Telephone: Free cell phone help for low/no income

Search4U A different job search site, also partnered with Career Search Network.

Unemployed Workers from National AFL-CIO. General info, forums and networking abilities for unemployed to connect/discuss; information on unemployment issues and policies

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commussion offers help against illegal bias in layoffs and hiring

Working America organizing site for unemployed, associated with the American labor movement

Radio/podcast information:

Job Talk America daily Internet radio program designed to help you reinvent, reposition and reinvigorate your job search and work life.

Redefining the American Dream "A call in show that promises civil discussion about the lost American dream and how to re-emerge from
this broken economy." Newest of the 'casts, hosted by Rhonda Taylor.

Unemployment Roundtable usually it's just G Gregg (only name given), with a statistics-heavy diatribe about the current economy.

Jobless Talk Hosted by Paladinette (Donalee King), usually featuring several callers per show. Paladinette usually starts off angry but makes a real effort to keep an upbeat attitude. Paladinette also writes about unemployment for She puts it all together at her home site, Jobless Unite.

Can't find what you need? Contact North Texas Jobs with Justice